Steef van Amersfoort

Regional Logistics Manager EMEA
Steef van Amersfoort is the EMEA Logistics manager, responsible for logistics within EMEA and Global transportation from Europe to AbbVie affiliates and customers worldwide in all transportation modes. He initiated innovative Global Cold chain and CRT active and passive solutions in multiple temperature ranges. Steef has a broad experience and expertise in reliable and cost effective global airfreight time & temperature sensitive transportation solutions for the Pharmaceutical industry. He is always looking for new, innovative, transparent solutions in true partnership with all stakeholders. Besides the focus on costs Steef is driving for reliable services, maximum delivery performance and GDP compliance, minimizing temperature excursion risk and damage. He has an extensive Global airfreight knowledge with focus on Time and Temperature sensitive reliable and cost effective and efficient solutions using passive and active shippers with unique transparent tri-party agreements. As former Chairman and now board member of the Dutch Airfreight shippers council the initiator of airfreight virtual forwarding solutions. Strong supporter and promoter of innovative, transparent and competitive solutions for airfreight handling to reduce lead time, limit damage risk and reduce costs.

12:10 PM AIRFREIGHT FOCUS: A Day in the Life of a Pharma Cargo Shipper

• Hear a practical oversight of the main challenges, solutions and opportunities that a pharma cargo shipper experiences on a day-to-day basis
• Look at new, innovative and transparent solutions that allow for a close partnership with all transportation stakeholders
• Assess risk management solutions that limit risk of damage and reduce costs while reducing lead times and temperature excursions