Wool Cool

Wool Cool
The Big Idea behind Woolcool® is to unleash the true potential of wool as a natural insulation material through the application of science, making a groundbreaking impact on global human healthcare and pharmaceutical cold chain distribution.
Woolcool’s innovative new ‘LifeGuardian’ passive insulated pharmaceutical packaging significantly raises the ‘performance bar’ for the global Cold Chain distribution of temperature sensitive medicines for human and veterinary use.
Life-saving vaccines, insulin and cancer drugs can now be safely kept between the critical 2-8°C for 150 hours and longer, in extreme external ambient environments, without the need for temperature controlled vehicles.
The natural insulation characteristics of Woolcool® enable CRT products to be kept between 15-25°C in hot climates for example, for over 20 days without the need for PCM’s.

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Website: http://www.woolcool.com