Smart CAE

Smart CAE
SmartCAE is specialised in the development of fast and easy-to-use simulation software for thermal packaging. Our product SmartCAEThermalpackaging have the following benefits and features:
• Quickly optimize package designs
• Predict and evaluate the impact of ambient temperature excursions on product integrity
• Virtually evaluate distribution routing alternatives
• Reduce cost and effort for thermal testing and prototype development
• Create confidence in product integrity at all points in supply chain
• Utilities for weather data
Main Features
• Calculation of transient temperatures of thermal packaging
• Any number of layers and materials 
• PCM material in walls and cold packs
• Time depended outside temperature
• Time depended surface heat flux from solar radiation
• Radiation heat transfer at surfaces
• Calculation of the weight
• Reusable Data objects, helps to build a library of wall components, thermal packs and thermal cycles
• Short computing time and interactive use (a few minutes on normal laptops)
• Ease of use by user-tailored graphical user interface
• Virtual Sensors

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