Pluss Advanced Technologies Pvt. Ltd (PLUSS® ) is a venture funded organization with equity stake being held by Tata Capitals premium innovation fund promoted by the Tata. Founded in 1994, the company has seen tremendous growth in the recent past. With strong roots, the company is now poised to make a global impact with its innovative products. Pluss is engaged in R&D and manufacturing of Specialized polymers and Phase change materials (PCMs). PCM technology finds its application globally in diverse sectors like cold supply chain, Building HVAC, refrigeration, automobiles, thermal wear, waste heat recovery, consumer goods and more; wherever there is a need to store thermal energy.

Pluss has pioneered in the PCM technology in India and is presently the only company in India with a wide range of indigenously manufactured PCMs with several patents. With its innovative products, the company is making its presence felt across the globe with representatives in USA, Turkey, South East Asia, Russia, Ukraine and South Africa. Pluss intends to be amongst the top innovative companies in the world in the near future.


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