29th January - 1st February, 2018 | London, UK

Saddam Huq

Senior Manager Quality for Distribution & Cold Chain Management
Background in Chemical Engineering from University of Kentucky (USA) Currently, Senior Global QA Manager for GSK Vaccines based in UK, overlooking the global quality system for cold chain management and Distribution (e.g. receipt, storage, transportation and thermos ability of products) Quality Oversight role for the cold Chain Management and Distribution of Vaccines. Responsible QA Authority for QMS, Guidelines, Procedures, Global Policies, Strategies, Position Papers and advocacy with Regulatory Guidelines. Previous roles: Pfizer – as Cold Chain Technology and Distribution Lead. Fresenius – Kabi – held various roles within QA Validation and QA Release group

2:25 PM 4PLs – How to Derive the Biggest Benefits from Your Relationship

• Analyse the pros and cons of the 4PL model to determine if it’s right for your company
• Asses the various models available in the current market to select the best fit for you
• Examine the optimisation opportunities that can drive your supply chain efficiencies forward with the 4PL model

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