Jon Chapman

Global Product Manager
Kuehne + Nagel

11:00 AM Predicting Variables with Big Data

Risks are everywhere in the supply chain – sometimes we can see them coming and sometimes they catch us of guard. When we let risks surprise us and
we’re not ready, the consequences can be dire. Especially when we’re dealing with extremely valuable and often life-saving products, So what can you do to
be better prepared for risks to the integrity and security of your supply chain?
We are also in an era of advanced technologies, at the heart of which is the incredible ability to analyse the vast quantities of data we produce, and utilise
the insights gleaned to do things better. In our data we have the power to predict variables and dramatically reduce supply chain risks. We just need to know
how to unlock it.
In this interactive workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to discover strategies that allow you to extract information from your existing data in order to
determine patterns and predict future outcomes and trends that can significantly reduce risk along your temperature controlled supply chain.

Attend this workshop to:
  • Improve your current risk management & shipment monitoring strategies by identifying gaps and areas of weakness
  • Learn how to predict variables in your supply chain planning to ensure extra protection at risky points
  • Discover how advanced analytics can be used to further mitigate risk in your supply chain

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Jon.

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