29th January - 1st February, 2018 | London, UK

Andrew Stevens

Research Director – Supply Chain
Working in the Supply Chain Research Group at Gartner . Visionary, and thought leadership advior and author to help assist companies withstrategic planning and execution requirements across evolving digital networks and expanding end to end supply chains. Cross industry focus . Coverage areas sample : Track and Trace , Digital Supply Chain , Internet of Things (IoT) Serialization , Traceability , Digital Supply Chain , Supply Chain Security , Blockchain across the Supply Chain , Counterfeiting and Anitcounterfeiting , Food Saftey and Brand Protection . Extensive and exclusive research coverage, orginal content, expertise and publications both internally (for Gartner clients) and through external collaborative content in publications such as the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and Milken Review Strategic advisor at all levels and across all roles from technical operations through to CEO, CIO and Chief Supply Chain Officer (CSCO). Research coverage includes: Serialization and Track-and –Trace regulatory expertise, emerging capabilities, benchmarking and the maturing IT solutions landscapes across the Life Sciences Sector. Blockchain evolution and its early application across the supply chain –pilots , POCs and emerging best practices across organisations transposed from Bitcoin and distributed ledgercore principles across FinTech companies. Supply Chain Traceability –developing end to end supply chain best practices, technology solutions and benchmarking across multiple industries. Unique Device Identification (UDI) and global regualatory landscape across the medical devices industry. Brand Protection and Anti-Counterfeiting capabilities across the supply chain ----evolving technology infrastructures aligned to IoT and supply chain security. Digital supply chain planning and strategy. Internet of Things (IoT) , smart devices , sensors and data capture -- planning and execution across the end to end supply chain

2:25 PM The Interplay Between Serialisation and an Unbroken Cold Chain

• Discover how to leverage your traceability systems to create operational efficiencies for your cold chain
• Utilise serialisation structures to identify breakdowns in your cold chain
• Enable supply chain transparency & increased visibility between stakeholders

4:00 PM PANEL DISCUSSION: How Can a Serialised Supply Chain Improve Your Temperature Controlled Logistics?

• Look at how serialisation and traceability systems that you have to implement anyway can add enormous value to your entire supply chain
• Use new platforms to enable supply chain transparency & increased visibility between stakeholders
• How can we use track & trace solutions to ensure end-to-end visibility over increasingly complex supply chains?

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