Phil Bailey

Industry Engagement Manager – Healthcare
Responsible for GS1 UK's engagement with the healthcare supplier community in the NHS, private and global healthcare markets.

My role is to help the healthcare sector to harness the commercial benefits GS1 standards and to reap the rewards of demonstrable improvements in patient safety. To achieve this, I work with healthcare manufacturers, suppliers, distributers and trade associations to drive the sustainable adoption of standards.

This enables companies to better serve their customers – the NHS and private healthcare sector. It also reduces operating costs, delivers real business efficiencies, improved patient safety and greater regulatory compliance.

3:10 PM Implementing Global Standards to Ensure End-to-End GDP Compliance

• Understand how GS1’s global standards can effectively operate as a GDP toolkit
• Hear real-life examples of how standards can be used to strengthen regulatory compliance
• Develop your own best-practice GDP compliance strategy