Neil Sageman

Senior Transport Manager
A vastly experienced Logistics Professional with 18 years of acquired knowledge in a variety of international and diverse roles. The sheer diversity that the roles have encompassed has led to an intimate knowledge of nearly all aspects within the supply chain; with deep knowledge and skills in logistics, operations and project management. Over the years I have executed over 20 major warehousing and manufacturing relocations along with a multitude of freight forwarder RFPs and new carrier implementations. I have also been the main project lead in setting up new ERP system and lately designing and implementing TMS. Have worked within ICT, Consumer Goods, General Chemicals, Automobile, and Pharmaceutical industry


Simply choose the roundtable topic of most interest to you and join the discussion! These sessions are open, informal and a great opportunity to really gauge what your peers are planning and to share ideas and lessons learned. You will walk away with tangible ideas on how to solve your biggest challenges.
1. Transporting Sensitive and High Value Shipments at Sea
2. Liability and Insurance
3. Passive Packaging for Sea Freight?
4. Collaboration for Sea Freight and Product Consolidation – The Answer to Smaller Companies Utilising Sea Freight?
5. Relationship Management – Maintain Good Partner Relations with Shipping Lines, Forwarders, 3/4PLs etc.