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Temperature Controlled Logistics 2016 Post Show Report

In case you missed out on Temperature Controlled Logistics 2016, this Post Show Report sums up highlights from last year. In this report you will find key takeaways from last years session, exclusive content pieces and a look ahead to next year.

Take-Home Exam: Temperature Controlled Logistics 2016

With the theme of creating conversation and practical take-homes being at the forefront of 2016's Temperature Controlled Logistics Europe conference, Cold Chain IQ stops to review the homework set by the event’s sessions and listens to the progress made by delegates so far.

Datalong16 Case Study

Datalong16 outlines in this case study, how their product a compact datalogger with real time internet connectivity, GPS position-enhancer and high quality sensors that measure temperature, humidity, pressure and impact, can cover the pharma industry

Graham Martin: An Industry Practitioner View - Future Proof Your Cold Chain: Investing in the Latest Technologies

Take a look at this presentation by Graham Martin, Supply Chain Excellence Manager at Pfizer. At the Temperature Controlled Logistics 2017 forum, he discussed how to future-proof your Cold Chain, by investing in the latest technologies and sustainability. 

Rubén Velázquez Treviño presents: Modal Shifts – Where are we going?

Rubén Velázquez Treviño, Change Manager – Transport Services at Bayer, discussed modal shifts at this year’s Temperature Controlled Logistics symposium – check out the full presentation here!

Ruud van der Geer presents: Shipping Lane Capability and Lane Improvement Based on Enhancement Data Management

In case you missed it, Ruud van der Geer, Associate Director Supply Chain Management at MSD gave a presentation about shipping lane capability and lane improvement at this years TCL conference – download the full presentation here!

Manufacturing vs Transportation, Ruud van der Geer, MSD

Take a look at this past presentation from Ruud van der Geer, MSD on Product Handling Robustness - their approach to GDP and the impact of Manufacturing vs Transportation.


Alan Kennedy presents: Highlights from the 16th Annual Temperature Controlled Logistics symposium

Missed the 2017 Temperature Controlled Logistics symposium? Not to worry as Alan Kennedy, an independent supply chain consultant and corporate journalist, put together this post-conference report showcasing the key highlights from the event!


Air-to-Ocean: Delivering Value through Sea Freight

Mark Edwards, former Global Freight Manager, Actavis, discusses air-to-ocean, delivering value through sea freight. This presentation was filmed at the 14th annual Cool Chain & Controlled Room Temperature Logistics Europe.


Optimising Airfreight

Airfreight as a service attracts a high price. However,for products that warrant the costs of being transported via airfreight, this mode of transport is quick, supplies a high quality of service and can provide much needed compliance assistance.

With this in mind, Cold Chain IQ has created this guide of elements to consider when optimising the use of airfreight within temperature controlled logistics.


Temperature Controlled Logistics Success Stories

Cold Chain IQ speaks to a selection of industry professionals that have achieved success in the realm of temperature controlled logistics. 

Each story will give a snapshot of the hurdles tackled and the successes seen as well as the key take-homes from their projects. 

Industry Report: Global Controlled Room Temperature Logistics

The storage and distribution of controlled room temperature (CRT) life science products is a costly and complex process, and requires attention at every level from packaging to logistics, monitoring to data. In this report we present the results of the Global Controlled Room Temperature Logistics Survey and provide expert insight from key opinion leaders in the field and top tips for GDP/CRT compliance from the community.

Don't let your Future be Frozen Out

New compliance requirements have translated into additional expenses for cold chain suppliers to account into their overheads, leaving many of these commercial firms searching for the most cost-efficient solutions.

Cold Chain IQ has compiled a set of key considerations to contemplate should you be presented with the temptation to cut corners in quality in the name of costs.

Please Note: Cold Chain IQ accepts no liability for activity on third party sites.


Temperature Controlled Logistics Investment Survey 2016

This investment trend report outlines the general industry behaviors showing how companies are approaching temperature controlled logistics spend.

Key findings of this report include:

·  In depth analysis of economic trends for: containers, sea freight, airlines, data loggers, 3PLs.
·  Ranking of dedicated spend for each vertical and what areas are positioned as a priority for the market.
·  Insight into end-user and solution provider spend behaviors within the cold chain market.
·  Culture overview of end-user preferences with temperature controlled logistics providers.
·  End-user driver and pain points with current solutions and service providers for temperature controlled logistics.


Temperature Controlled Logistics: Reusable vs Single-Use Containers

In the face of various packaging modes, Pharma Logistics IQ explores the advantages and drawbacks that should be considered when making decisions on the application of reusable or disposable packaging solutions within the cold chain.

Press Release

Datalong 16 Press Release

DataLong16, a Barcelona-based company specialising in the Internet of Things (IoT) with research and development (R&D) and production operations in Europe is delighted to announce that they will participate at Temperature Controlled Logistics in January 2018 as a sponsor.

Read their full press release here...


Challenges in Cold Chain Logistics and Just in Time Packaging

Time is probably the most critical factor in the distribution of temperature controledl supplies. Dan Holst Jakobsen, Systems Specialist & IT Coordinator and Abhijit Bendre Business Analyst CMC Clinical Supplies from Novo Nordisk, discuss how to reduce risk through packaging and the many operating challenges related to the supply of temperature sensitive materials. They also share their top 3 tips for shortening lead times from lead times from packaging to patient.


Survival Guide for Emerging Markets

Scheduled rapid growth, a lack of market dominators and vast potential. The promises attached to emerging markets are appetizing to say the least. However, realising these benefits comes with a heavy price tag – both economically and in terms of resources. In this eGuide Cold Chain IQ examines real case studies involving the storage and distribution of temperature-sensitive products through emerging markets. Lessons learned from these projects will be discussed as insight is shared on market conditions,top tips for improving operations on the ground and successfully sourcing logistic partners in these regions.

Successful Supply Chain Management in Emerging Markets

Mikhail Khazanchuk talks about supply chain management in emerging markets and looks at key findings in the top emerging markets.


Remedies to Strengthen Audit Readiness

In this Remedy Resource pack, Pharma Logistics IQ presents a few measures to apply to bolster audit readiness within temperature controlled logistics.