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Temperature Controlled Logistics Investment Survey 2016

This investment trend report outlines the general industry behaviors showing how companies are approaching temperature controlled logistics spend.

Key findings of this report include:

·  In depth analysis of economic trends for: containers, sea freight, airlines, data loggers, 3PLs.
·  Ranking of dedicated spend for each vertical and what areas are positioned as a priority for the market.
·  Insight into end-user and solution provider spend behaviors within the cold chain market.
·  Culture overview of end-user preferences with temperature controlled logistics providers.
·  End-user driver and pain points with current solutions and service providers for temperature controlled logistics.

Temperature Controlled Logistics 2017 Report: Strategies for the Future

Pharma Logistics IQ presents the findings of its 2016 Temperature Controlled Logistics Future Trend Report, which examines the oncoming strategies likely to blossom in the cold chain industry. Expert analysis provided by Almac Group. Areas discussed include, future proofing the cold chain, the pain points ahead and oncoming trends.


Temperature Controlled Logistics: Reusable vs Single-Use Containers

In the face of various packaging modes, Pharma Logistics IQ explores the advantages and drawbacks that should be considered when making decisions on the application of reusable or disposable packaging solutions within the cold chain.


Pharma Sea Freight Working Group Report [UPDATED]

This working group brings together the key stakeholders to drive unification and best practice in temperature controlled sea freight for pharmaceuticals.With that in mind the European Pharma Ocean Freight Working group has put together the following report, an initial guide to GDP transport for pharmaceuticals by sea freight.The report has developed into a fairly detailed (but not exhaustive) “how-to” and “this might happen” list, where all the known factors can be taken into account and appropriate risk mitigation measures put in place.

Optimising Airfreight

Airfreight as a service attracts a high price. However,for products that warrant the costs of being transported via airfreight, this mode of transport is quick, supplies a high quality of service and can provide much needed compliance assistance.

With this in mind, Cold Chain IQ has created this guide of elements to consider when optimising the use of airfreight within temperature controlled logistics.

Temperature Controlled Logistics 2017 Sample Delegate List

Temperature Controlled Logistics 2017 is set to be the biggest and most interactive event to date. Download our sample delegate list to see who you will meet in London on the 30th January - 2nd February 2017!

Temperature Controlled Logistics 2016 Post Show Report

In case you missed out on Temperature Controlled Logistics 2016, this Post Show Report sums up highlights from last year. In this report you will find key takeaways from last years session, exclusive content pieces and a look ahead to next year.

Take-Home Exam: Temperature Controlled Logistics 2016

With the theme of creating conversation and practical take-homes being at the forefront of 2016's Temperature Controlled Logistics Europe conference, Cold Chain IQ stops to review the homework set by the event’s sessions and listens to the progress made by delegates so far.

Remedies to Strengthen Audit Readiness

In this Remedy Resource pack, Pharma Logistics IQ presents a few measures to apply to bolster audit readiness within temperature controlled logistics.

The Supply Chain Owner’s Guide to Planning

To add to the discussion on continuous improvement within temperature controlled logistics, Cold Chain examines the notion of planning with a few key experts, more specifically in the areas of stability budgets, supply chain integration, temperature control with high value products, ambient ranges and oncoming trends to account for. 

Quality training Course

The MUST ATTEND training series for quality, manufacturing and logistics professionals. Courses include: Stability Testing – 30th January, Good Distribution Practice (GDP) -2nd February, Quality by Design – 30th January.

Temperature Assurance Packaging Training Course (Certified)

This one-day, live and interactive training course conducted by university professors, lab engineers, and industry experts, will provide hands-on instruction. The Professional Course aims to coach the participants through the entire life-cycle of developing a Temperature Assurance Package (TAP) including considerations with regards to regulations, transportation/logistics, ambient profiles, operations, and packaging design. A “Certificate of Professional Course Completion” will be awarded to training participants successfully completing this course.


Successful Supply Chain Management in Emerging Markets

Mikhail Khazanchuk talks about supply chain management in emerging markets and looks at key findings in the top emerging markets.

Pharma M&As and Their Impacts On Cold Chain

Val Petursson, Managing Director PTC/PP & Logistics - Intl, Allergan speaks to Chanice Henry, Editor of Cold Chain IQ about the impacts of mergers and acquisitions within Pharma supply chain.

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Kevin O' Donnell on the Evolution of the Temperature Controlled Supply Chain

Kevin O’ Donnell, Vice President, Cold Chain Standards, Practices & Compliance at BioLife Solutions, discusses trends in temperature sensitive packaging, the most common critical aspects of the temperature controlled supply chain and how he thinks the temperature controlled supply chain will evolve in the next 12-18 months

Sony's Michael Ahner on Supply Chain Risk Management

Michael Ahner, Head of Logistics Europe, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe discusses supply chain risk management and sharing best practice in logistics. This interview was filmed at the 14th annual Cool Chain & Controlled Room Temperature Logistics Europe.

GDP Implementation: The Role of Suppliers

Richard Coe, GDP Responsible Person, Xellia Pharmaceuticals, discusses Xellia’s supplier relationship management project, how supplier partners play an essential role in effective GDP implementation and examples of successes and challenges during implementation. This presentation was filmed at The presentation 14th annual Cool Chain & Controlled Room Temperature Logistics Europe.

Air-to-Ocean: Delivering Value through Sea Freight

Mark Edwards, former Global Freight Manager, Actavis, discusses air-to-ocean, delivering value through sea freight. This presentation was filmed at the 14th annual Cool Chain & Controlled Room Temperature Logistics Europe.


Local's Guide to Emerging Markets

The emerging markets continue to be an attractive proposition for pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers. However, in many emerging countries there are unique challenges to overcome to ensure the time and temperature sensitive delivery of shipments. In this eBook, we speak to 5 local experts from around the globe about the storage and distribution of temperature-sensitive products in their region and successfully sourcing logistic partners in emerging markets. 

Survival Guide for Emerging Markets

Scheduled rapid growth, a lack of market dominators and vast potential. The promises attached to emerging markets are appetizing to say the least. However, realising these benefits comes with a heavy price tag – both economically and in terms of resources. In this eGuide Cold Chain IQ examines real case studies involving the storage and distribution of temperature-sensitive products through emerging markets. Lessons learned from these projects will be discussed as insight is shared on market conditions,top tips for improving operations on the ground and successfully sourcing logistic partners in these regions.


360 Pharma Supply Chain eBook

Facing a ticking clock of temperature sensitive cargo and strict regulations, ensuring end-to-end supply chain effectiveness is of paramount concern. The Pharma Supply Chain 360 eBook addresses the 4 key global pharmaceutical supply chain challenges of supply chain integrity, good distribution practice (GDP), temperature controlled logistics and security.

Optimising Strategy and Cost-Balancing in Temperature Controlled Supply Chains

Pharma Logistics IQ discussed the matter of risk conduct and cost balancing with a selection of experts. 


Dr. Reddys Tips for Managing Quality in the Generic Drug Supply Chain

Dr. Ravi Prakash Mathur, Senior Director Supply Chain - Head of Logistics at Dr. Reddy's Laboratories, and Andrea Charles from Cold Chain IQ, discuss the role effective and efficient supply chain management can have on growth in the pharmaceutical sector. Dr. Ravi Prakash Mathur also shares his insights on opportunities in India and tips on managing quality in the generic drug supply chain.


Johannes Schoen on the EU Falsified Medicines Directive, Weak Links & Top Tips for Improving Supply Chain Visibility

Johannes Schoen, Senior Manager, Anti-Counterfeiting at Boehringer Ingelheim, speaks to Andrea Charles from Cold Chain IQ, about the key uncertainties surrounding pharmaceutical serialisation and the impact recent serialisation initiatives will have on the pharma industry. Schoen also shares his thoughts on the implications the EU directive on falsified medicines will have the generics market and his top tips for improving supply chain visibility.


Industry Report: Global Controlled Room Temperature Logistics

The storage and distribution of controlled room temperature (CRT) life science products is a costly and complex process, and requires attention at every level from packaging to logistics, monitoring to data. In this report we present the results of the Global Controlled Room Temperature Logistics Survey and provide expert insight from key opinion leaders in the field and top tips for GDP/CRT compliance from the community.

Don't let your Future be Frozen Out

New compliance requirements have translated into additional expenses for cold chain suppliers to account into their overheads, leaving many of these commercial firms searching for the most cost-efficient solutions.

Cold Chain IQ has compiled a set of key considerations to contemplate should you be presented with the temptation to cut corners in quality in the name of costs.

Please Note: Cold Chain IQ accepts no liability for activity on third party sites.

Temperature Controlled Logistics Success Stories

Cold Chain IQ speaks to a selection of industry professionals that have achieved success in the realm of temperature controlled logistics. 

Each story will give a snapshot of the hurdles tackled and the successes seen as well as the key take-homes from their projects. 


A Generics Perspective: Teva Europe's Head of Quality Assurance EU Logistics on the Cold Chain Industry

        In this exclusive interview Zvonimir Majic, Teva Europe, Head of Quality Assurance EU Logistics, speaks to Andrea Charles from Cold Chain IQ, about the increasing complexity of the pharmaceutical supply chain, focusing on supply chain integrity and how he expects temperature control logistics for the generics market to evolve in the next 2-3 years.


Challenges in Cold Chain Logistics and Just in Time Packaging

Time is probably the most critical factor in the distribution of temperature controledl supplies. Dan Holst Jakobsen, Systems Specialist & IT Coordinator and Abhijit Bendre Business Analyst CMC Clinical Supplies from Novo Nordisk, discuss how to reduce risk through packaging and the many operating challenges related to the supply of temperature sensitive materials. They also share their top 3 tips for shortening lead times from lead times from packaging to patient.


Taking a New Approach: Pfizer's Graham Martin on the Benefits & Lessons Learnt from Developing a Geographical Zoning Approach

Cold Chain IQ caught up with industry keynote speaker Graham Martin, Supply Chain Excellence Senior Manager, Pfizer Havant UK - supporting Pfizer Global Logistics, to find out the benefits and key principles of developing a geographical zoning approach.


One Page Guide to GDP

Good Distribution Practice (GDP) is the part of quality assurance which ensures that products are consistently stored, transported and handled under suitable

condition as required by the marketing authorisation (MA) or product specification. There is no single global GDP standard. Cold Chain IQ has created this easyto- assimilate summary of GDP requirements around the world, enabling you to navigate the landscape. You can keep it as a handy reference, share it around your colleagues or even stick it on your wall!

Cold Chain IQ Benchmarking Report

In this report we highlight 7 best-in-class case studies demonstrating return on investment and improvements in efficiency and quality management, from ensuring that controlled room temperature (CRT) products are protected to improving supply chain traceability.