Mark Edwards

Managing Director

11:30 AM Liability at Sea

Liability is a very tricky area and all parties are struggling to come to terms with each other’s needs. There are differing interpretations of the same rules (eg is the limit of liability per item shipped based on the number of pallets, vials, tablets, etc since each of these would produce a hugely different liability limit.) In this session:
• Understand the varied and complex international laws, rules and regulations governing shipping lines (such as Hague Visby or USCOGSA) which determine their liability and any limits to that liability
• Determine why in most cases the limit of shipping line liability is based on the number of packages declared on the Bill of Lading, not on the value of the cargo carried

1:10 PM **NEW AND EXCLUSIVE TO TCL 2018! **Project Poseidon Release their BRAND NEW Project

Project Poseidon have been working hard to harness and hone the collaborative skills that have been so successfully employed in other industry sectors, to bring the industry’s most enlightened and forward-thinking organisations together to develop and implement a ground-breaking global pharma sea freight service.
Hear the details of the brand new initiative first in this ground-breaking session.


Simply choose the roundtable topic of most interest to you and join the discussion! These sessions are open, informal and a great opportunity to really gauge what your peers are planning and to share ideas and lessons learned. You will walk away with tangible ideas on how to solve your biggest challenges.
1. Transporting Sensitive and High Value Shipments at Sea
2. Liability and Insurance
3. Passive Packaging for Sea Freight?
4. Collaboration for Sea Freight and Product Consolidation – The Answer to Smaller Companies Utilising Sea Freight?
5. Relationship Management – Maintain Good Partner Relations with Shipping Lines, Forwarders, 3/4PLs etc.

4:35 PM Sea Freight – Prepare for Tomorrow’s Focus Day!

Tomorrow’s expert speakers prepare you for the Sea Freight Focus Day with an overview of the most important factors to consider when switching to sea freight. Ask questions, and get yourself ready for tomorrow!
• Take part in a quick-fire Q&A with regulatory experts
• Hear the details of what you will learn tomorrow and make sure you’re prepared to make the most of the expertise on offer!