Sea Freight Focus Day (31st January 2019)

Sea Freight Focus Day (31st January 2019)

If you are starting to utilise sea freight, or looking to increase the quantity of products you ship by sea, don’t miss this focus day.

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Traditionally the highest value pharma products have tended to be shipped by air-freight on account of its speed, its flexibility and its (perceived) security and control. However, currently a significant shift is taking place from air freight to ocean freight. This started as a low cost means of transporting low-volatility generics but is now increasingly being used for temperature-sensitive pharma including biological products.

While a significant proportion of pharma merchandise will always travel by air for reasons of speed, the pharma industry has realised that for low value and low sensitivity products the ocean mode cannot only be much more predictable and much less expensive, it is also far and way he most carbon-efficient means of transport. Faced with continuing overcapacity issues and fierce competition, the sea freight sector it is keen to offer innovative value-add services that leverage its advantages and minimise its downsides.

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