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Temperature Controlled Logistics 2019 Agenda

Download the Agenda for a look at TCL 2019 speakers and sessions!Here’s a sneak peak of the case studies we’ve already got lined up:Mean Kinetic Temperature (MKT): Challenges and Opportunities (Pfizer)Supply Chain Planning and Data Analysis in Emerging Markets (Dr. ...

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Benchmarking Report: Are You Spending Too Much?

Maintaining GDP compliance whilst ensuring cost efficiency throughout the supply chain can often be challenging; selecting the right partners and solutions, and managing them effectively, is critical in order to avoid unnecessary expenditure from the planning stages right through to the last mile.With insights from over 50 TCL industry professionals,...

The Pharma Supply Chain: Planning for success in new markets

The key steps that need to be taken to build a successful temperature controlled supply chain in emerging pharmaceutical regions are in some cases vastly different to those faced in developed markets. This eBook will take you through the considerations that should be made when planning your supply chain, with...

Optimising Your CRT Transportation Strategy

Approximately one-third of the medicines manufactured in Europe and the United States are now being tested and labeled for storage at controlled room temperature (CRT), mostly in the range of 15°C to 25°C and the proportion is increasing.Pharma IQ sat down with Steve Winyard, Portfolio Strategy Manager Life Sciences at...

Smarter Warehouse Management Pocket Guide

Download our exclusive pocket guide on smarter warehouse management with insights from Robin Doppleb, Head Global Logistics & Distribution Director, Vifor Pharmaceuticals

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Temperature Controlled Logistics: Reusable vs Single-Use Containers

In the face of various packaging modes, Pharma Logistics IQ explores the advantages and drawbacks that should be considered when making decisions on the application of reusable or disposable packaging solutions within the cold chain.

Remedies to Strengthen Audit Readiness

In this Remedy Resource pack, Pharma Logistics IQ presents a few measures to apply to bolster audit readiness within temperature controlled logistics.

The Supply Chain Owner’s Guide to Planning

To add to the discussion on continuous improvement within temperature controlled logistics, Cold Chain examines the notion of planning with a few key experts, more specifically in the areas of stability budgets, supply chain integration, temperature control with high value products, ambient ranges and oncoming trends to account for. 

Pharma Sea Freight Working Group Report

This working group brings together the key stakeholders to drive unification and best practice in temperature controlled sea freight for pharmaceuticals.With that in mind the European Pharma Ocean Freight Working group has put together the following report, an initial guide to GDP transport for pharmaceuticals by sea freight.The report has...

Temperature Controlled Logistics 2017 Report: Strategies for the Future

Take a look back - Pharma Logistics IQ presents the findings of its 2016 'Temperature Controlled Logistics Future Trend Report'.With expert analysis from Almac Group, we examined the strategies that looked likely to blossom in the cold chain industry.  Areas discussed include, future proofing the cold chain, the pain points...

Pharma partnerships - Mistakes that risk a break in your cold chain

Cold chain partnerships are largely a matter of trust. Once cargo is handed to a forwarder or carrier, shippers must rely on their partners to safely steward their temperature-sensitive products through the cold chain. Effective, reliable partners should show low levels of wasted product from supply chain errors, because a...

The Value of Air Freight in Temperature Controlled Logistics

Multiple factors affect the decision to choose a particular mode of transport for pharmaceuticals. On the back of feedback received on the topic of air freight vs sea freight, Pharma IQ interviewed two industry experts about their thoughts on the continuing importance of air freight in the transportation of temperature...

Supply Chain Management

Six Steps to Smarter Data Management

Supply chains in a range of industries, including pharma, are becoming digitised. New research forecasts that the value of the Connected Logistics Market is set to reach US$ 41.00 Billion By 2022. This article will take you through six key elements of data management, explaining how in each area inefficiencies...

Tracking & Packaging

Stress Testing Your Containers

Temperature control containers are vital to protecting the stability of life‑saving medicines during transit. When comparing models, many firms struggle to determine which packages they should invest in; due to the lack of standardisation in qualification testing conducted by the manufacturers. The existing guidance on qualification testing is helpful, but...

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7 Simple Steps for Selling Your Cold Chain Solution

This handy guide provides an overview of the decision making process for solution adoption in temperature controlled logistics and the key steps that need to be taken from the vendor perspective in order to give your solution the best chance of customer success.With the growth in new generation technologies and...

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Datalong16 Case Study

In this case study, DataLong16 outlines how the DL16 – Pharma solution helps to control and monitor that the cold chain has not been broken at any time from the pharmaceutical companies to the end user.

Datalong16 Press Release

DataLong16, a Barcelona-based company specialising in the Internet of Things (IoT) with research and development (R&D) and production operations in Europe participated at the 17th edition of Temperature Controlled Logistics in January 2018 as a sponsor.Fill in the form below to download the press release they published ahead of the...

Peli BioThermal Showcase Crēdo™ on Demand at Temperature Controlled Logistics Conference

Peli BioThermal, the global name in temperature controlled packaging, exhibited its latest shipper systems and services at the 17th Annual Cool Chain Temperature Controlled Logistics conference in 2018. The products being exhibited at the annual European event provided vital protection for pharmaceutical and life sciences payloads being transported globally, including...

Past Presentations

Past Presentation: A Global Approach to Reducing Temperature Excursions

At TCL 2018, Roman Mijnhart, Sr. Director Global Supply Chain Quality, Sanofi Genzyme Europe presented "A Global Approach to Reducing Temperature Excursions"This presentation aims to help you to:Identify plans on how to mitigate temperature excursions on a global scaleAssess intercompany challenges and strategise on how to overcome them, and understand...

Past Presentation CASE STUDY: Why AstraZeneca are on Course to Achieve 70% Sea Volume Ratio by 2018

At TCL 2018, Julian Wann, Global Category Lead, Freight and Logistics and Andrew Spencer, Global Category Manager, Freight and Logistics from AstraZeneca presented this case study on "Why AstraZeneca are on Course to Achieve 70% Sea Volume Ratio by 2018".Download this presentation to:Discover how utilising sea freight can better ensure that:...

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2018 Sample Attendance List

Download the 2018 sample attendee list to see who was at the previous event and get an idea of who to expect in 2019!

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