Temperature Controlled Logistics 2018 Agenda

TCL 2018, takes you on a journey from the beginning of your supply chain, to the very end. Our three separate streams will look at:

  • Pre-Transportation – with sessions such as “Enabling End-to-End Supply Chain Planning, Visibility, and Decision Making through Standardization & IT Integration Across Global Sites” (Merck) and “Optimizing Lane Qualification with all Supply Chain Stakeholders in Challenging Shipping Environments” (Bayer)
  • Transportation – with sessions such as “A Global Approach to Reducing Temperature Excursions” (Genzyme) and “Maintaining Temperature Control in the World’s Most Challenging Situations” (Médecins Sans Frontières)
  • Last Mile and Post-Distribution – with sessions such as “Last Mile Distribution – The Final Stage of End-to-End Temperature Monitoring (EZR Group) and “Working with Partners to Close Gaps in the Last Mile” (Novartis)

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